History of Fashion: 1960's

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The 1960’s was when the fashion industry changed fast ,at the beginning of the decade it was the start of the parisian designers of haute couture of which they dominated the market.

Floral skirts which were quite long changed drastically to become much shorter for the modern day woman, suits underwent drastic changes in women's fashion as the lines became looser.

Jacqueline Kennedy, one of fashions iconic legends, popularized many of the elegant styles seen at the beginning of the 60’s.

Some of those styles were pillow box hats,pastel suits with short boxy jackets & over sized buttons and simple geometric or shift dress as well as full skirted gowns with low necklines and close fitting waistlines.

Proving that she is still one of fashions many icons Mochino’s recent show in Milan Fashion Week saw Jackie O and 1960's inspired outfits with a modern spin on the pillow box hats and pastel suits of which there were many. The show included Jackie Kennedy inspired hair on all the models accessorized with pillow-box hats and a few of the models wearing 60's inspired sunglasses.Many of the models had there skin painted in contrasting colors to the suits they were wearing tying in a space theme.The finale dresses worn by the Hadid sisters inspired by not just one icon but two,Marilyn Monroe. Shown below are the finale dresses along with Kaia Gerber in the center at the Mochino Show

More Pictures form the 2018 a/w Mochino Milan Fashion WeekShow

When it came to casual wear Carpi trousers were the main choice for women and girls.They were introduced by fashion designer Sonja de Lennart in 1948, they rose to popularity in the late 50's and early 60's.

Grace Kelly was known for popularizing this trend as she was one of the first movie stars who wore them on the island and she wasn't the only famous face, Audrey Hepburn was also famous for wearing them frequently.

One of the biggest trends in the 60’s was the creation of Mary Quant’s mini skirt as it became popular more and more when people were seen wearing.It and it was on the height of fashion in the mid 60's especially for young adults and today it is still very popular as it is one of the very few trends which has stayed popular for the last 50 years it can still be seen in most shops a swell as runways each year. As seen below in Tommy Hilfiger's 2018 2nd annual TOMMY LAND Runway show in Los Angeles

Another one of the popular looks in the 60's was the shift dress without sleeves.Yves saint Laurent designed a shift dress with a Mondrian painting as inspiration 1965. It alone is a fashion icon as Saint Laurent merged to create a dress that had the illusion of a canvas, being very clever with the pattern construction.

In 1964 the space look became popular due to french designer Andre Courage which ranged from trouser suits , white boots googles and bo shaped dresses which reached 3 inches above the knees.

For men suits were bright and colorful opposed to the pale toned shades of the previous decade. Men's styles included frills and cravats ,wide ties and crazy prints, stripes and patterns, trouser straps , leather boots and collarless jackets.Men's popular shoes of the decade were two tone runners, square brogues, Chelsea boots,lace up leather boots and desert boots as seen in the below picture from to stir with love from 1964. These kind of boots are still very popular boots in this decade and can be found in almost every high street store, and are also very popular in women's fashion.

James Bond (Sean Connery) was a big style icon in the 'for men as he showed the classic British style. in the decade most men donned a suit when going to work , and James bond made it look effortless.

Britain seemed to be the center of the fashion during this decade due to the music influences and the the trendsetters. The mods represented the popular culture overtaking the young generation and marked the divergence from the refinement seen earlier in the decade. For men some of these mod styles were double breasted suits of crushed velvet or striped patterns brocade waistcoats shirts with frilled collars and there hair worn below the collarbone and a dandified look

For women velvet mini dresses with lace collars and matching cuffs, wide tent dresses and false eyelashes and pale lipstick were seen in vogue , these trends were donned by legendary icons twiggy and rolling stones guitarist Brian Jones and could be seen in areas such as Carnaby street and Chealsea’s Kings Road

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