Deciding to not go to University and whats next

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I left school in July 2015 ,after i left school i I didn't do the classic gap year of going off traveling to ,Australia and Thailand or all of the other classic destinations. While it's difficult ,with most of your friends going off to Uni and having a completely different experience to you,it's refreshing to have a year without worrying about work and deadlines. Although I did retake a couple exams,it was good to not worry too much about school work and dealing with it major deadlines.when It came to doing something with my days other than binge watching Netflix I had to get a job , I was lucky enough to get a job working as a temp during Christmas at superdry in Cheltenham. This was good for me as it filled my days doing something productive and also funded my nights out.

I applied for Christmas temp jobs all over the place until I finally got one, Superdry. I think done well as I started as a temp worked my way up to full time then got promoted up to key holder which was good for me as it’s given me more responsibility in store.

Working in the store has helped me out a lot as I get to experience the retail side of an industry I love. It’s also helped me get my foot in the door.

After being there for two years it’s safe to say my product knowledge is great.It also helps with trends, as I get a first hand experience of what’s selling well in the store and get to see how current trends affect this seasons products. The other benefit of working in the store is the people I've met and become good friends with from moving in together to holidays to countless night outs.

After I got my second lot of results its safe to say I had convinced myself that I had done better,i hadn't. Even though I had worked so much harder but tests aren’t for everyone .I decided I wasn’t going to go down the uni route as I already had a job, I didn’t know how long i was going to be there but I was happy and that’s all that matters!.

University isn’t for everyone, I know several people who didn't go to university and they're happy have done so well for themselves in the end, as I said it’s all about what makes you happy not others.It also means i don't have much to stress about.

even though i don't have a degree i'm just as motivated to get into the fashion design industry.

Moving forward i want to keep the motivation to keep this website updated as well as working on my clothes making. I'm hoping to remake a version of my A level project and hopefully it turns out better than the last one. As i will have less pressures to get it done on a deadline and not having to keep a detailed report of every little modification or method i use

While most people think my dress was good, i on the other hand am not in that mindset ,as i know everything that went wrong so i see mainly my mistakes when i look it but still proud of getting it done . Luckily as i made my pattern from scratch i am able to create a new dress just adding some modifications to the pattern to fit me better.

Hoping that 2018 will be a good year and i'm hoping to carry on more projects and get my creative flow back aswell as many more trips like paris to come .

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